Who is Godot? in 'Waiting for Godot'

Critics have interpreted the identity of Godot in various ways, ranging from being a saviour and a god to being a rich employer. Critics have the life history of Beckett to establish the identity of Godot but Beckett's own reaction has been that if he knew who Godot was he would have mentioned that in the play. So let's interpret it ourselves. Godot symbolizes hope. It is only this wait for Godot, which is the only ray of hope for the tramps in the play.
The most popular and the strongest identity of Godot has been that of God. In the Bible God speaks to Moses, he fulfills the promises, he appears before Moses. But in 'Waiting for Godot' all this does not happen. Godot never comes, only his messengers appear - the two boys, one of them is treated fairly while the other is beaten up by Godot. So can we say that Beckett has portrayed the negative image of God in his character Godot? Godot is not just, impartial, true to his words. Beckett's Godot is the distorted version of God, so to say. Godot's not turning up even at the end of the play suggests probably the doubts in the mind of Beckett about the existence of God.

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