Importance of Opening Scene of 'Hamlet'

As always, Shakespeare opens his tragedy with minor characters, who supply information about – the prevailing situation and the characters.
It is revealed that the state of Denmark is in a state of chaos and disorder. This disorder has been prevailing due to the political event of the death of elder Hamlet and also the preparations that are going on in the state against Norway. Then there is a private event – the disturbed state of mind of the Prince because of political and personal reasons. This sets the stage for the unfolding of the events.
The scene also brings the audience face to face with the supernatural. The audience gets curious to know about the ‘why’ of the ghost and reason for the political chaos.
It becomes apparent that Horatio is deeply attached to the Prince and would go to any lengths to protect him. Horatio appears before us as a man who has been torn apart by the sorrow of the Prince.

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